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Marketing Representative of Foodservice Equipment & Supply for Hawaii, Guam & the Pacific for over 30 years!

PAC RIM REPS originally started with Mike Swenson & Colleen Kim as Mike Swenson & Associates back in 1989. The company was a Foodservice Sales & Marketing Manufacturer Rep Firm and local stocking distributor for factories such as Imperial Range & Rego China.

Together Mike & Colleen grew the company by picking up more lines, staff & partnerships. Eventually the company split into two separate firms as Pacific Rim Rep Group, Inc which handled the Manufacturer Representation and Marketing aspects while Mike Swenson Company, LLC focused on the local Hawaii stock, distribution & service support of foodservice equipment.

Mara Wong-Swenson, daughter of Mike & Colleen came on board in 2004 as the Equipment Sales, Parts & Warranty Service Manager for Mike Swenson Company, LLC handling solely Scotsman Ice Systems and eventually adding on the responsibilities of Imperial Range, Panasonic, Everest Refrigeration & the rest of the PRRG line up.

Chris Wong-Swenson came on board in 2005 as the warehouse manager for Mike Swenson Company and eventually moved up to outside sales to assist Mike out in the field.

While Mike & Colleen successfully ran both companies for over 30 years, we flash forward to 2019 - a year after our transition to PAC RIM REPS. With Mike & Colleen wanting to retire, Chris took on the reign's of PAC RIM REPS and we also made the difficult decision to bid a sad Aloha & Mahalo to Mike Swenson Company, LLC. Chris & Mara move forward together into 2020 as solely PAC RIM REPS - a husband & wife team to continue on the family legacy in the Hawaii foodservice industry.

Our commitment to quality service, innovative ideas and support before, during and after the sale for our customers has always been a priority for us from the very beginning. Merging the old ways with the new changing business climate of Hawaii has been a challenge and we look forward to meeting it head on. We are here to help you with all your Foodservice needs from application, solutions, sourcing service & support. Please contact us anytime. We are eager to assist!


Wood Stone Gas & Electric Planchas - Do more in Less Space! - click here to watch video!

With adjustable temperatures from 150°- 650° F, the Gas Plancha is the high performance alternative to both a standard flat top griddle and a gas charbroiler. Quick heat up and recovery let you achieve the flavor profile and texture you want every time. With thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones, the Gas Plancha can support a range of cooking temperatures simultaneously. Cook delicate food like eggs at a low temperature in one zone while searing in another. The temperature bleeding between the zones are minimized with this plate design of this unit.

Not only is the temperature consistent across each cooking zone, it’s consistent over time. The Gas Plancha holds a set temperature and, because of its fast recovery, allows for constant cooking in the same location - no more looking for hot spots on your griddle anymore!

With this multi-zone Plancha, you can decrease your cooktop line up from two or three pieces down to just one. No need for separate pieces of equipment for separate cooking applications anymore.

What to see a Demo? Contact us!

Wood Stone - changing the way you cook since 1990

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Whatcom Gas Vertical (GVR) Rotisserie

For those who seek the production & theater of a rotisserie but have limited space, the Whatcom Gas Vertical Rotisserie (GVR) is a unique adaptation of a classic cooking apparatus. With 6 to 10 spit locations, the Whatcom GVR can cook a large variety of products simultaneously (or up to 18 chickens at once!) without exchanging flavors or cross-contamination. An adjustable cycle timer allows precision adjustment of the cooking environment. A tempered glass door provides spectacular views of the center flame post, and a constant-drip water bath helps fight grease flare-ups and makes clean up easy. Clad in polished stainless steel, the Whatcom GVR sits handsomely on the countertop. Capable of cooking 15 chickens at once, the Whatcom GVR brings production and real rotisserie flavor into even the tightest of commercial kitchens.

Although the front-loading model is standard, the Whatcom is available with an optional rear access glass door so that it can be loaded from either side!

Wood Stone also makes the traditional horizontal rotisseries - remember you can order any of their units in solid fuel (wood burning), Gas-fired or Wood-fired with gas assist.

In Hawaii, most foodservice establishments choose solely Gas-fired for efficiency and reliability but use a wood pile for aesthetics. One of the main reasons for this choice is the logs that are available locally have too much moisture in them to burn efficiently. One thing to think about before making your choice so make sure you do your research!

Watch in-depth videos on Wood Stone Rotisseries - click here!

If you need any assistance in specifying a Wood Stone unit for your application in Hawaii please give us a call - we're always here to help!

Wood Stone Corporation - Changing the way you cook since 1990



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