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When it comes to foodservice in a quick-serve application, catering event, clubs or Bars, convenience stores, Cafes, supermarkets, back of the house prep or buffet self serve - quickness, uniformity & quality control are very important to customer satisfaction. No matter what the application, if you're using bread you may need a toaster!

Hatco Corporation, the leader in the US Foodservice industry in warming, holding & toasting solutions, continues to offer cost-effective equipment that meets the industry need for versatility, productivity, profitability and service. Did you know that Hatco offered the industry the first conveyor toaster, Toast King®, to meet the needs of high-volume bread and bun toasting in 1966?

From that point, they've brought many more models & styles of toasters to the market from pop-up to digital control. No matter your toasting application, Hatco's commercial Conveyor and Pop-Up Toasters will provide you with quality uniformed bread products every time. With the durability & reliability most high volume toasters cannot provide.

What about service in Hawaii for Hatco Products?!? Of course we at PAC RIM REPS have got you covered! First and foremost, we make sure Hatco is well represented in the service community. If there are any troubles with any of your Hatco Equipment, you can give these companies a call directly or as always contact us for assistance:

HATCO Authorized Service Providers:

Check out Hatco's wide selection of toasters!

Choose Hatco - Nothing less than the best.®

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When starting any new business venture, every penny has to count because let's face it. We don't have a lot of them so we have to make each of them stretch. In any industry, most new businesses fail within the first 5 years which is why many operators grab the cheapest thing just to get started. At the time it just makes sense and we don't blame them! Typically after an operator passes that five year growth period is when they are more comfortable buying a more quality item. At that point they have learned that the cheapest thing at that moment can cost you more in the long run when it comes to premature replacement or service issues. But what do we do in the mean time? Who can we trust & what are our options?

The Myth of a Sweet Deal:

E-commerce has been a blessing & a curse to the foodservice industry. Everything from supplies to commercial Refrigeration is made available right at our fingertips. This can be great for consumers and manufacturers because customers get a competitive price & manufacturers do very well moving their products in large quantities. But on the local level, this causes prices for goods across all sectors to be driven up which makes product hard to move. At this rate, it's inevitable that Alexa will take over the world which is obviously bad for the brick & mortar businesses. Yes it's true businesses need to adapt to this new business climate because Alexa is not going anywhere anytime soon but why should it matter to you? Is buying local really a better solution for you? Isn't the Online dealer the same as a local dealer? For people in Hawaii, there are a few things Alexa can't do for us. Pay attention as it can cost everyone more in the end.

Shipping to Hawaii:

Being on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, shipping can be a challenge. It takes products longer to get to us and at times can be quite expensive depending on the level of service provided. If buying restaurant equipment online, you will have to use a freight forwarder to bring your goods in to Hawaii. Typically online stores will only ship as far as the west coast for 'free'. You will have to take care of arranging it the rest of the way. Sometimes the online company can provide you with an ocean freight quote but it can sometimes be pricy if they don't get good ocean rates. Also note that fork lift or lift gate delivery services costs extra! On top of the hassle of researching the most economic ocean or air carrier rates, there is the risk of freight damage. If not insured most carriers will not replace a damaged unit or even offer to fix it especially if you're not a known customer. If you do have insurance and they do agree to take care of it, you will most likely get pennies on the dollar. Really! So you will still be paying for part of the repair or replacement before you even start using it. On top of that, it can take months to process an insurance claim which still puts the customer in the position of not having the product to use. Buyer beware, get insurance but even then that's not a guarantee! One way to avoid all this headache is to purchase equipment from your local dealer. Let them do all the worrying so you don't have to. They most likely get better rates too, will have product on hand for immediate pick up and will know what to do when issues arise.

Service & Parts:

With the onslaught of made in China equipment flooding the US Market, there is a chance you might pick up one of these as a 'private-label' unit. Most times, service companies want to help but if they cannot get parts or if there is no local service support, they will not be able to fix it let alone get reimbursed for their labor. A warranty is only a warranty if a service company knows how to process it. Also note that depending on the application such as a food truck installation or if a unit is installed in a residential location, warranty can be void or shortened (read the fine print!). That is why it's best to buy from a reputable brand with local support. Let your local dealer guide & educate you to make the best decision for your situation.

Online vs Local dealers:

Hawai'i is an expensive place to live. It's the price of paradise. When items are purchased from the mainland, it doesn't support our local economy which in turn makes it difficult for locals to support other local companies.There are some local companies that will not help a customer because the item wasn't purchased through them directly or locally. Most online dealers will not want to or be able to assist you either. Typically an online dealer will tell you to call the manufacturer which isn't very helpful if they don't have a local Hawaii factory representative like us at Pac Rim Reps. Don't get caught in that trap! Buy local & support your local vendors & they will in return support you when you need it most. When it comes to the circle of the sale, remember that not all value comes in the form of the dollar. Relationships, Friendships & Trust is golden!

We at Pac Rim Reps only represent the best brands so when you buy one of our brands, not only are you getting the best quality product on the market, you get our guarantee that you'll always have someone to help you. We strive to do our best to take care of any after-sale issue and that is a service you cannot get online. Your best bet even if a little more expensive is to support your local dealer network. We are all here to help - Mahalo!

Commercial kitchen shelves are the last thing people think of when designing their space yet they are the most important element of an organized productive kitchen. Choosing the right type of shelf to effectively organize your items will help you run a more efficient & cleaner work area. Proper organized storage of your ingredients, tools, linens, containers & dishes is vital especially in small footprints where kitchen real estate can be pricy. Being in Hawaii kitchens are small and you need to pick the right system to maximize every inch of available space.

With the many types and brands of commercial shelving out there, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out what style, materials, accessories or components you will need. Below are some questions we often get from our customers when they are considering shelving for their kitchens. Here we guide you on what they need to to know about choosing the best shelving system for their commercial kitchen:

Does the Material the Shelving is made of matter?

Depending on the application & area, the material you choose for your shelving will matter. Below are the different materials available and where these materials would be applicable:

Stainless Steel - For durability & moist environments, stainless steel is excellent. It’s also naturally corrosion-resistant. It works in nearly any type of environment, from wet to dry storage.

Antimicrobial - Any of the materials below can be antimicrobial when constructed. Essentially, an added layer of an antimicrobial agent is infused into the shelf during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains and odors.

Epoxy Coated is an ideal material for environments that get especially humid, such as in a walk-in or places where dishwashing occurs. Epoxy is also optimal for protecting against corrosion.

Chrome Wire is perfect for dry storage. They have great visibility and ventilation.

Polymer or Polypropylene is especially resistant to corrosion, and it’s even safe to be put in the dishwasher. Unlike other slatted shelving, these shelves tend to be easier to clean too. Removable shelf mats (available on our MAX & PRO series) are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Instead of removing the entire system, you can remove just the mats which makes maintenance much easier for staff. These mats will never rust or corrode which will pass Health Inspection without any issue.

Should I get Adjustable or Standard Shelving clips?

This depends on your preferences or how often you think you'll be adjusting your shelves. The traditional standard clips sleeve clips are the most cost effective but more difficult to move at a later date. The levers are easier to manipulate and polymer shelving the easier to adjust than the rest. All types of clips are structured for strength & stability which maximizes the amount of weight load that the shelves can handle. Ingredients to pans can be very heavy so Metro makes sure their products are rigorously tested to handle more than the competitors.

Which should I get - Mobile or Stationary shelves?

There are two basic types of mounting and assembly pieces for kitchen shelving units: mobile (those that move) and stationary (those that cannot be moved). Which one you choose depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

For kitchens that are limited in size, mobile mounting may be ideal as units can be pushed aside and relocated when they’re not in use, creating more space. They are also handy when it comes time to clean behind the units. If you are using the systems for food storage, the units can easily be moved outside for routine cleaning. However, remember that most mobile units are more expensive and casters sometimes need replacing. In most Kitchens stationary is the preferred choice because most times you're not moving pieces around. If you're constantly shooting water at the base of your shelving, remember that depending on the material it can corrode.

How can shelving help me Maximize my space?

Organically place most used items in easy to reach places and keep certain items pertaining to the task closest to that area. Keep in mind that heath code guidelines must be followed when arranging your shelving. For example, food items must be stored minimum 6" off the ground. In a walk-in you must not block the refrigeration system and in food processing environments where water is constantly being used to wash the area, place your lowest shelf at 12" to avoid splashing on boxes or product. Also refer back to material selection once you determine where you want your systems and what you're placing on them.

What Material is best for Wet or Humid Areas?

In general when it comes to wet environments, we recommend Metro MAX shelving because it's easier to clean with its removable mats and the material makes it not susceptible to corrosion. At a minimum go with the epoxy coated NK shelving as its better protected against corrosion. Never put Chrome shelving in a wet or moist environment. It might save you some money initially but you will be replacing it all very quickly and spending twice as much money later on.

What Material is best for Dry Storage?

When it comes to dry storage, any shelving will work in a "controlled dry environment". Try to stay away from residential chrome shelving as most are not NSF & the coating not as well done as on commercial shelving. Being in Hawaii and having lots of salt in the air, if your storage is outdoors try and stay away from chrome in general. The moisture in our air will corrode your shelving especially when moving product on & off the shelves. The movement wears away the Chrome finish & makes material more susceptible to corrosion.

Plan ahead, buy smart the first time around so you're not spending more in the end.

For more information about shelf organization, the best types of commercial kitchen shelves available, or what shelving options may be optimal for your kitchen, contact PAC RIM REPS your local Hawaii Metro Foodservice Representatives today.

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