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Industry's First BLIZZARD R290 All-in-one Slide-out Cooling Cartridge

Everest Blizzard R290 fully detachable, self-contained condensing unit is an industry first with its all-in-one slide-out cartridge.

The process of getting your unit back up & running is simple and quick with no hassles of trouble shooting & replacing sensor after sensor.

If temperature goes up & it is determined that brazing is required, a cartridge is sent on qualified units. Once the new cartridge is received, the replacement process can be done in about 30 minutes. Just slide the old one out and the new one in - no brazing, no hassle!

When you think about it, once a cartridge is replaced its like getting a brand new unit! The system is equipped with a built-in sensor to prolong compressor life & promote fire safety. Another great feather is the Blizzard is virtually maintenance free. The Auto-reverse fan keeps the compressor cool and blows out debris from the condenser coil helping to keep it clean.

At Everest Refrigeration, Customer service is their top priority and piece of mind is just as important as any piece of technology. The new Blizzard R290 Cartridge was engineered with safety, speed & convenience in mind. Their main goal was to reduce down-time and eliminate risk of R290 ignition by providing braze-less repairs.

Please contact us PAC RIM REPS your local Hawaii Everest Representative for more info or ask us where you can purchase Everest Refrigeration in Hawaii. We are here to assist you with your refrigeration needs, before & after your purchase.

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