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Mobile or Stationary Shelves for a Commercial Kitchen?

There are two basic types of mounting and assembly pieces for kitchen shelving units: mobile (those that move) and stationary (those that cannot be moved). Which one you choose depends on what you are trying to accomplish or have to work around.

When Would I Need Mobile Shelves?

Especially in Hawaii, real estate is pricy so kitchens can be tight! For kitchens that are limited in size, mobile mounting may be ideal as units can be pushed aside and relocated when they’re not in use, creating more space. Mobile systems are handy when it comes time to cleaning behind the units. If you are using the systems for ingredient storage, the units can easily be moved outside for routine cleaning. You can also use mobile units as carts to transport items from place to place with ease.

Why are Mobile Shelves More Expensive?

Mobile shelving systems have the added casters which makes the units slightly more expensive. Keep in mind that sometimes casters need replacing depending on the chemicals used or temperature fluctuations they are exposed to but typically cause little problems. Also note that the casters have bumpers which will add a few extra inches in width to your systems. So if you're designing a space & trying to fit a specific area, keep that in mind.

What is the Most Popular Commercial Kitchen Shelving?

In general, stationary shelving systems are the preferred choice because most times you're not moving these pieces around and they also have a better price point. To save on space, you can always order S-hooks which will eliminate intermediate posts between systems and allow for easier access to corner areas. You cannot install S-hooks on mobile units.

So depending on your specific situation, you can determine which style is best for you. As always, consider the environment before selecting your shelving! Hawaii has high humidity & salt in the air so our MAX systems would be preferable over Chrome or green wire shelving. We want operators to get the best ROI on their shelving investment by not having to replace them within a year of operation.

For more information about shelf organization, the best types of commercial kitchen shelves available, or what shelving options may be optimal for your kitchen, contact PAC RIM REPS your local Hawaii Metro Foodservice Representatives today. We can assist you in designing your space to fit your specific shelving needs!

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