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Restaurant Toasters - Why Choose Hatco?

When it comes to foodservice in a quick-serve application, catering event, clubs or Bars, convenience stores, Cafes, supermarkets, back of the house prep or buffet self serve - quickness, uniformity & quality control are very important to customer satisfaction. No matter what the application, if you're using bread you may need a toaster!

Hatco Corporation, the leader in the US Foodservice industry in warming, holding & toasting solutions, continues to offer cost-effective equipment that meets the industry need for versatility, productivity, profitability and service. Did you know that Hatco offered the industry the first conveyor toaster, Toast King®, to meet the needs of high-volume bread and bun toasting in 1966?

From that point, they've brought many more models & styles of toasters to the market from pop-up to digital control. No matter your toasting application, Hatco's commercial Conveyor and Pop-Up Toasters will provide you with quality uniformed bread products every time. With the durability & reliability most high volume toasters cannot provide.

What about service in Hawaii for Hatco Products?!? Of course we at PAC RIM REPS have got you covered! First and foremost, we make sure Hatco is well represented in the service community. If there are any troubles with any of your Hatco Equipment, you can give these companies a call directly or as always contact us for assistance:

HATCO Authorized Service Providers:

Check out Hatco's wide selection of toasters!

Choose Hatco - Nothing less than the best.®

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