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Rotisserie Cooking Equipment - Wood Stone

Whatcom Gas Vertical (GVR) Rotisserie

For those who seek the production & theater of a rotisserie but have limited space, the Whatcom Gas Vertical Rotisserie (GVR) is a unique adaptation of a classic cooking apparatus. With 6 to 10 spit locations, the Whatcom GVR can cook a large variety of products simultaneously (or up to 18 chickens at once!) without exchanging flavors or cross-contamination. An adjustable cycle timer allows precision adjustment of the cooking environment. A tempered glass door provides spectacular views of the center flame post, and a constant-drip water bath helps fight grease flare-ups and makes clean up easy. Clad in polished stainless steel, the Whatcom GVR sits handsomely on the countertop. Capable of cooking 15 chickens at once, the Whatcom GVR brings production and real rotisserie flavor into even the tightest of commercial kitchens.

Although the front-loading model is standard, the Whatcom is available with an optional rear access glass door so that it can be loaded from either side!

Wood Stone also makes the traditional horizontal rotisseries - remember you can order any of their units in solid fuel (wood burning), Gas-fired or Wood-fired with gas assist.

In Hawaii, most foodservice establishments choose solely Gas-fired for efficiency and reliability but use a wood pile for aesthetics. One of the main reasons for this choice is the logs that are available locally have too much moisture in them to burn efficiently. One thing to think about before making your choice so make sure you do your research!

Watch in-depth videos on Wood Stone Rotisseries - click here!

If you need any assistance in specifying a Wood Stone unit for your application in Hawaii please give us a call - we're always here to help!

Wood Stone Corporation - Changing the way you cook since 1990

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