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Verterra Dinnerware - NEW!

Introducing VerTerra Dinnerware! They're not NEW to the market by any means. Many brands like it have come & gone but VerTerra has been making a big impact on the US market for over a decade with their PALM LEAF PLATES, Balsa wood bento boxes and so much more. Yes VerTerra is a disposable product but they use only renewable resources to manufacture their products. All products are made with left over materials not needed from other industries like the palm & milling industry. It's all natural, biodegradable materials with ZERO chemicals used in production. The palm leaf line is created solely from palm leaves and water. Really! There are no glues, plastics, lacquers, veneers, or toxins used in the process. Not to mention their factory recycles the water used during the manufacturing process and the leftover leaf bits are used as food for livestock such as cattle or turned into an organic compost.

Within the foodservice industry it's no secret that the high cost of doing business along with high demand for service & solutions leads to short cuts that affect our environment. In Hawaii the traditional plate lunch is served in styrofoam disposable containers which give the customer stability, sanitation, insulation & security that their takeout food will get to where it needs to go without making a mess. Let's not forget the low-cost which justifies the choice. But what's the real cost? Some say styrofoam takes a decade to decompose while others say many years longer. How many plate lunches have we had in our lifetime already? Too many to count & once it starts to break down, what does that do to our environment?

We support the plastics/disposable container ban Hawaii recently implemented but we know this presents challenges to our manufacturers to make drastic changes, our distributors who now have to find suitable replacements as well as the Hawaii market who worry about costs of doing business and are so used to using these products.

(read more on the plastic bag ban here)

(read more on the plastic container ban here)

There is no easy answer to making a plastic-free, biodegradable and an easy to see-through container that will be liquid-proof & durable. Business practices will have to adapt but for now, an easy swap for those styrofoam plates are the VerTerra Palmleaf plates! Not only is it an eco-friendly solution, the natural look to the plates instantly elevate your food presentation & its durable enough to support the weight of the food.

From pop-up events with tasting dishes, salad bowls, cheese platters, buffets & even compartment plates for luaus! Imagine eating your poi & kalua pig on a leaf plate? That would look absolutely amazing! Ditch the plastic shave ice bowls for the palm leaf bowls. It's the little touches that make the difference.

Take a cue from celebrity chefs at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival who all love using VerTerra!

VerTerra is not only for the foodservice industry but for the entire hospitality industry in general. Let's not forget the packaging gift baskets or containers amenities come in and also your room service trays. VerTerra makes an absolutely stunning upgrade to these applications.

VerTerra bento boxes & platters are perfect for pool-side service or hotel meal delivery services in general. Don't forget to add the balsa wood cutlery to go along with that box!

From front of the house, hot stations to amenities and gifts - VerTerra has a solution for you. Did we mention they can also LOGO your items? What a great instagrammable moment!

We at PAC RIM REPS are so excited to have added such a forward thinking manufacturer to our product line up. We look forward to getting more of this product here to the Hawaii market. It's only one of many changes we can make in our efforts to become more socially responsible to help protect our aina for our children & the future of our planet.

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