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What Commercial Kitchen Shelving is Best for Wet areas or Refrigerated Spaces?

When it comes to Commercial Foodservice shelving, all shelving isn't alike. Especially when we're dealing with a wet environment like a walk-in, dish drying rack or food processing plant where the shelving unit is constantly bombarded by water & humidity. Also in Hawaii, with our close access to the beach, it makes for lots of salt in our air that can lead to quick corrosion of most metals.

Here are our top recommendations for shelving in a wet or refrigerated space:

1. Never use Chrome Shelving in a wet space or refrigerated environment - PERIOD!

As much as we all love Chrome shelving with its good price point & abundant availability, we do not recommend it for any type of installation that exposes it to moisture. Over a short period of time, you will see the shelving start to corrode and health inspectors will be red flagging you to have them replaced immediately. Plus being in the middle of the ocean, Hawaii's shipping times can be lengthy and you don't want to be waiting for replacements for too long.

2. What is a Good Option for Shelving in a Wet or Refrigerated Space?

Like we said earlier, although Chrome shelving has a good price point, you don't want to use it in a wet or refrigerated environment. Spend a little more money & go with our Metro Epoxy coated shelving at a minimum. The coating will help protect against corrosion for a longer period of time. Epoxy isn't perfect as it can rub off over time and expose the material underneath to moisture which will lead to corrosion. But it is a step up from Chrome for not much more money.

3. What is a Better Option for Shelving in a Wet or Refrigerated Space?

Epoxy is a good first investment for shelving in a wet or refrigerated space but over time it can corrode just like Chrome due to rough handling of the epoxy finish. A better recommendation would be the Metro Super Erecta PRO which will give you the Epoxy coated finish with an added upgrade of Polymer shelf mats. This allows the operator to remove & clean the mats easily. The mats will protect the epoxy coated finish which will minimize corrosion points. It also puts a barrier between the shelf and food products so if corrosion is present, it's not in contact with the corrosion.

4. What is the BEST option for Shelving in a Wet or Refrigerated Space?

In general when it comes to wet environments, we highly recommend MetroMAX shelving because most to all its material is polymer which makes is not susceptible to corrosion. It's easier to clean with its removable mats just like the Super Erecta Pro.

5. Which MetroMax Shelving will work Best?

There are 3 types of MetroMax Shelving:

MetroMax Q has metal posts with Polymer Mats

MetroMax i is all polymer except for the stainless steel shelf corners

MetroMax 4 is entirely Polymer

Depending on your preference & budget, you can pick the MetroMax system that is right for you. Any of the 3 MetroMax systems will be the best option for a wet or humid environment.

For more information about shelf organization, the best types of commercial kitchen shelves available, or what shelving options may be optimal for your kitchen, contact PAC RIM REPS your local Hawaii Metro Foodservice Representatives today.